Annual multi-trip for individuals
Important information
  • Valid worldwide, for an unlimited number of trips within one year.
  • Assistance services are only provided in the event of a request by telephone to the emergency hotline.
  • The policy is automatically renewed unless notice of cancellation is given three months prior to renewal date.
Coverage is subject to the General
Terms and Conditions

Are you into seaside holidays, city breaks or ski weekends in the Swiss mountains? If you want to travel worry-free several times a year, our annual travel insurance for individuals offers a variety of useful insurance benefits.

  Secure Trip Secure Trip PLUS
Up to CHF 25,000 Up to CHF 50,000
unlimited unlimited
Search and rescue costs
CHF 30,000 CHF 30,000
Flight delay
CHF 2,000 CHF 2,000
Repeat trip
- Up to CHF 50,000
Automobile assistance
- unlimited breakdown service
Private Medical
- CHF 1,000,000
Air accident
- CHF 100,000
Collision damage excess waiver (CDW)
- CHF 10,000
Legal protection
- Europe CHF 250,000
World CHF 50,000
Travel hotline
Yes Yes
24-hour medical advisory service
Yes Yes
Credit and customer card barring service
Yes Yes
Mobile phone barring service
Yes Yes
Home Care
Yes Yes
Interpreting service
Yes Yes
Premium single person
CHF 109 / year CHF 225 / year
Premium junior (up to the age of 26)
CHF 81 / year CHF 144 / year
Extension of insurance cover
The insurance is extended automatically if it is not cancelled 3 months before it ends. The insurance is extended automatically if it is not cancelled 3 months before it ends.
Cancellation costs

Payment of cancellation costs before departure in the event of:

  • Serious illness, accident, death and pregnancy complications
  • Damage to property at the place of residence
  • Delay and/or absence of means of transport on arrival
  • Dangers at the travel destination or strikes
  • Unemployment or unexpected recruitment

Organisation and payment of costs for:

  • Transfer to the nearest appropriate hospital
  • Repatriation to a hospital or to place of residence, with or without medical accompaniment
  • Repatriation of body in the event of death
  • Return journey due to abandonment of the trip by a fellow passenger or a family member
  • Early return due to illness, accident or death of a close relative not on the trip or that of a stand-in at work
  • Return owing to civil unrest, terrorist attacks, natural disasters or strikes
Search and rescue costs
Payment of search and rescue costs abroad if the insured person is posted as missing or must be rescued from a physical emergency.
Flight delay
Payment of the extra expenses (hotel, rebooking, and telephone costs) necessary to continue the journey when a connecting flight is missed following a delay of at least three hours due to the fault of the first airline company.
Car assistance

Organisation and payment of the following costs:

  • Towing in the event of a breakdown or accident
  • Overnight accommodation costs
  • Costs of returning home in the event of an accident or serious breakdown
  • Rental car for return journey (abroad)
Private Medical

Private Medical is a follow-up insurance and, as such, pays those costs not covered by compulsory sickness or accident insurance and which exceed the cover under any other supplementary insurance:

  • Illness or accident outside of Switzerland and the country in which the insured is normally resident
  • Doctor, hospital, medications in a private ward (after consultation with the Allianz Global Assistance doctor)
Repeat trip
If the insured person has to be repatriated by the AGA Emergency Hotline to his/her place of residence during the period of insurance for medical reasons, compensation will be paid in the amount of the package originally booked. These services are only for the sick or injured person, not for others on the trip.

Compensation for personal possessions in the event of:

  • Theft, robbery, damage/destruction during the journey
  • Loss or damage when travelling by public transport
  • Delay in delivery by a public transport company
Accident benefit
Lump-sum payment in the event of death or disability resulting from an accident when travelling by public transport or as a user of a hire car
Air accident
Lump-sum benefit in the event of death or disability as a result of an air accident.
Collision damage excess waiver (CDW)
The Collision damage excess waiver insurance on hired vehicles (except driving school cars, as well as vehicles under car sharing arrangements, such as Mobility, etc.) pays the excess charged by the car hire firm or another insurance for damage or theft of a rental vehicle.
Travel Hotline
The telephone information and advisory service is available around the clock with valuable tips, sound advice and useful information about the country you are visiting.
24-hour medical advisory service
Advice for minor medical problems in the country you are visiting including recommendations regarding any urgent treatment.
Credit and customer card barring service
In the event of the robbery, theft, loss or misplacement of bank, post office, credit and store cards, the insured can request assistance and arrange to have the cards in question blocked immediately.
Mobile phone barring service
If the insured person loses their mobile phone, or if is stolen, arrangements will be made to have the phone blocked immediately by the provider in question.
Home Care
Home Care provides emergency help when the Swiss residence suffers a loss due to burglary, fire, natural hazards or water damage or glass breakage during a trip abroad.
Interpreting service
The Interpreting service is a 24-hour telephone translation service proving assistance with communication difficulties in various languages.